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Staying Diverse in Music

I often get asked the same question about my music when it comes into topic.

“What kind of music do you write?” is what my friends and colleagues ask a lot, and up until recently I’ve never had a simple answer. I used to reply “electronic music”, which is true! Every song and album I’ve released is 100% digitally composed. But I try to never limit myself to one genre. It’s very constraining, and I feel detrimental to my talent.

There is so much music in the world, and so much variety that it’s really hard to choose a favourite sometimes. Some people swear by one genre of music, while others listen to whatever “music mood” they’re in, which can range from classical to heavy metal to urban rap and back again, depending on the day.

I feel like, with writing music, it’s that kind of thing for me. I write whatever I feel.

Music to me is not just sound, but feeling and emotion constructed in an intricate and complex audible pattern that is wonderful to listen to. For many musicians and composers, it’s the songs from their heart, the ones they sing to themselves. Staying diverse in music, writing based on emotion and feeling instead of stereotypes, is very important to me. it really shows the line between a good musician and an absolute madman, hahaha.

So when people asked me what kind of music do I write, I would say the former, “electronic music.”

Now when they ask, I will say, “I write all music.”


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