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Remastering Project IV

When I sit down to make an album, I usually have an idea or theme to run with, a sort of “yellow brick road” to follow when writing and designing the songs. I’ve used this idea philosophy quite a few times, especially with the recent release of “The Tower“, and the older albums like “Storms of the Past“, “Amalgamine“, and “Rise“.

When it came to a theme for “Project IV” 4 years ago, before I’d even started hosting music on Bandcamp, I had no idea what I wanted for the album. I thought to myself, “Well, what if I just made experimental music?” and ran with that.

2 years went by and I’d still never finished the album, so when an opportunity came around to finally publish it, I was lost: Project IV hardly had any content, and what it did have was barely enough. So I pulled some older songs out from my hard drive and called it good.

It worked… for a short time.

Eventually I realized the songs on Project IV, while they were some of my favourites I’d ever written, they were diminishing in quality at a rapid pace. But I was never confident to fix that.

So it just kind of sat and gathered dust, while my career slowly inched forward.

Last Wednesday, though, as I was looking through my portfolio on Bandcamp, I passed by Project IV again, and with a small sigh, decided it was time to finish what I’d started 4 years ago.

I ran the tracks through some EQ settings, adjusted some volume issues I had, and re-rendered 6 of the original 8 tracks. I brought 4 more songs from my Soundcloud profile and equalized those as well. Lastly, I designed a new album cover. The one I had previously was very lazy, and basically a shiny red version of Rise’s cover.

I wanted a cover that was not only new and fresh, but reflected my new style. So I went for a more urban-looking title, with paint-dot effects and soft lighting. The cover was too small for Bandcamp’s system, so I made a quick adjustment, shaved the corners to make it look more retro, and signed the cover.

I really like the look, because it reminds me of the old records I have on my bookshelf, where music wasn’t as simply-published: it was a production, and took time, and that kind of woke me up.

Music is more than just putting notes together, or re-releasing old, dusty songs every year.

It’s an art. A production. Something I want to spend my whole life doing.

All in all, I feel the more time I put in, the better the outcome can be.

Thank you, and have a great week!

~Robin <3

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